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Sterilization and Infection Control.

In medical supplies and sterilization packaging, innovation definitely leads the industry. Because we have our own labs and seasoned product research teams, our ability to see and anticipate needs in the market and answer them with the necessary products is unparalleled.

No expense is spared in the way we build and maintain each medical packaging laboratory – over 30 years has taught us that only state-of-the-art equipment can deliver innovative products that make a difference.  It is our cost of doing business, and becomes your intrinsic benefit as our customer.

Other providers might believe that necessities such as multi-parameter ink sterilization pouches are somehow cutting edge – but for us, that is simply the way we have been creating products for decades.


To answer all of the many needs you may be facing to satisfy your client base, we offer a variety of products. We are proud to have developed two in-house brands that for many customers, will answer  all of their needs. However, if you find you require something more specific to your own specifications, we also offer private labeling in North America. The leading technology that enables our lab to answer specific needs with laser-like efficiency is also a great way to reduce your costs – it costs us less to develop better products for you, a savings we are happy to pass along. You save more, because we work harder. Smarter. Longer.

If you are still unsure of your next best steps forward, contact us to speak with one of our in-house experts: allow us to put our experience to work for you!

Self-Seal Pouches

Self-seal sterilization pouches provide a self-contained method of sterile packaging for instruments without the use of heat sealing equipment.

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Tyvek* Header Bags

GS Medical Packing Inc. offers a range of Tyvek* Header Bags in different sizes and also provides customized packaging…

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Sterilization Rolls

Our latest pouch-making equipment ensures total consistency of quality which are critical to device manufacturers..

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Here at GS Medical Packaging we understand the unique needs of our customers. If you are seeking large quantities of products..

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  • Jerry Nice

    We maintain an inventory of a large number of standard sizes of sterilization pouches and welcome the opportunity to custom manufacture to a proprietary standard.

  • Haroon Dal

    We offer printing on a six-colour Flexographic Central Impression press on a wide variety of substrates, from 32G to 10mil polyester as well as paper and Tyvek.

  • Adam Conly

    GS Medical Packing Inc. offers a range of sterilization roll products which allows the customer to customize packaging width and length of the item. The width of the rolls ranges from 5cm to 30cm and standard lengths of rolls are 31 m. Custom lengths are available if required.

  • Ian Cross

    Our pouches are compatible with all of the most commonly used sterilization methods. Validated by independent laboratories to ensure that all parameters required have been met in compliance with ISO standards.


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