Vitalcare Blood Solidifiers

Medical personnel have to come into contact with hazardous material on a regular basis. The surgical staff of the hospital faces it even more so. That is why it is imperative for them to use products that contain the hazardous material securely and which enables the medical staff to dispose of it safely.

Easily the most budget-friendly blood solidifier available in the market, the EZ Top Blood Solidifier makes transference of the hazardous material unnecessary and extremely easy to use.

The blood solidifiers without disinfectants are used to stop blood leaks and to soak up and spillage from the suction canisters.

Vital Care Super Liquid Bodily Fluid Solidifier Granules. Used to turn bodily fluids and wastes to gel for easier cleanup.

Blood solidifiers are the safest method developed to date for the transport and management of bodily fluid waste. Our solidifiers are especially formulated to solidify blood in a quick, easy and cost effective way.


Blood Solidifier FAQ

Blood Solidifiers
SKU Number Type UOM
SSP500TT With Disinfectant 100/CS
SSP1000TT With Disinfectant 100/CS
SSP1200TT With Disinfectant 100/CS
SSP1500TT With Disinfectant 100/CS
SSP2000TT With Disinfectant 100/CS
SSP3000TT With Disinfectant 100/CS
VC500CC Without Disinfectant 96/CS
VC1200CC Without Disinfectant 96/CS
VC1500CC Without Disinfectant 96/CS
VC1500CC-SP Without Disinfectant 96/CS
VC3000CC Without Disinfectant 96/CS
VC14000CC Without Disinfectant 96/CS
SSP500EZ With EZ Top -Disinfectant 100/CS
SSP1000EZ With EZ Top -Disinfectant 100/CS
SSP1200EZ With EZ Top -Disinfectant 100/CS
SSP1500EZ With EZ Top -Disinfectant 100/CS
SSP2000EZ With EZ Top -Disinfectant 100/CS
SSP3000EZ With EZ Top -Disinfectant 100/CS